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DmitrY E


"By far the best trainer I have been to. His level of professionalism and overall knowledge is unmatched. I highly recommend going to see Addo and joining the center."

Equipment You'll Need Before Getting Started:

Any One Gallon Container

This program is perfect for anyone, because all you'll need is a one gallon container. No need to to visit a sports supply store to find weights, resistance bands, or any other expensive equipment. Instead, Addo & Monifa will guide you through a variety of exercises that use your body and this common household item to build strength, increase flexibility, and improve your overall health.

Why Members Love This Workout:

No Equipment Fees

Since this workout focuses on using only a one gallon container, that means you'll save money that you would otherwise spend on machines, weights, or resistance equipment.

Live Personal Trainers

Each class is led by one of the professional trainers at Southbridge Fitness Center, including Addo & Monifa themselves, making sure you get the most out of each exercise!

Flexible Class Times

Classes are held every Mon, Wed, & Fri at 10AM & 6PM. That means there are plenty of time slots to choose from for each week! Workout on YOUR schedule.

About Southbridge Fitness Center

Southbridge Fitness Center is a New York based gym with locations in NYC and Brooklyn. The gym is owned by Monifa Maat & Martin Addo, who are always looking for creative ways to help their members stay in shape without having to follow a monotonous workout routine. Addo's specialty for strength training and Monifa's concentration on flexibility & aerobic exercises make them the perfect team to help you reach your goals- regardless of your workout preferences.

  • 2 locations, in New York City & Brooklyn
  • Diverse members-from athletes to casual gym goers
  • A hands-on team that's goal is to keep you motivated
  • Several programs available, to help you find the perfect workout

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